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Let’s Get Crafty! | Winter Art Classes at Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts



It's easy to feel inspired while traveling to the North Shore of Lake Superior. In addition to our various outdoor adventures, we’ve added some cozy art classes that are perfect for a winter day. Channel your creativity and join us during your next stay! 

  • Candle Making: Create your very own candle! We’ll start by decorating our candle containers with items sourced from our shoreline of Lake Superior as we get the wax melting. We’ll then pour our wax and add dyes and essential oils. The candles will cool overnight and can be picked up the next morning.

  • Introduction to Wood Burning: Wood burning isn’t just for fireplaces. This activity takes you through everything you need to know about this unique craft. You’ll receive a lesson on wood-burning techniques before creating your own piece to take home. 

  • Paint a Mini Canvas: Discover the joy of painting on a tiny canvas that’s only 3x4 inches! Our focus will be on the North Shore landscape with tips and tricks for painting on a small space. Don’t worry if you’ve never painted before; it’s all about enjoying the process. So, roll up your sleeves and get creative with us. We’ll have everything you need, just bring yourself!

Do you love to knit? We also have a Knitting Club! Bring your items and join us for a 2-hour get-together with other knitting enthusiasts. The Knitting Club happens each Thursday from 2-4pm. 

Visit the Activity Calendar for more information and to sign up for a class during your stay. 

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