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Food & Wine Lovers Weekend

Bluefin Bay on Lake Superior has been hosting Food & Wine Lovers events for more than 20 years, in the Spring and the Fall. Each Food & Wine Lovers Weekend includes special culinary events focusing on food and wine. Not only do you get a spectacular food and wine experience that is unique each time, but all of our events are set against the backdrop of breathtaking Lake Superior. 

Upcoming Dates:

Spring Food & Wine Lovers Weekend | May 5-6, 2023

Guest Chef Bio:

Canadian native Jean-Paul Lavallee relocated to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2001. He fell in love with the coast the first time he saw the beach. Living in this region has taken his classical French training to another level. His unique style of cuisine is a perfect combination of the two. Chef Jean-Paul has been in the industry for close to 39 years and credits his mother for his inspiration for cooking, by helping in the kitchen preparing family meals. However, his love of creativity in the culinary arts is what drives his passion in his field. “Give me one fresh ingredient, and my mind goes crazy with all of the possibilities!” Chef Lavallee also competes in food sports. He has competed in the World Food Championships numerous times, most recently he placed 5th in the world in the Bacon Category. When he is not at work, he enjoys cooking with his daughter Meadow and mentoring young Chefs and those interested in the profession. Chef Jean-Paul is looking forward to creating memorable dishes that will pair perfectly with the amazing wines that have been chosen. This will definitely be an experience to remember!




Fall Food & Wine Lovers Weekend | November 3-4, 2023 


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