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Bluefin's Best: November


Bluefin's Best is one of the longest standing traditions at Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. In fact, the accolade has been around longer than our Bluefin Bay Calendar! It is a celebration and recognition of employees that have gone above and beyond in their department and exemplified what it means to be "Bluefin's Best". There are a few employees selected each month. Those employees are given a bonus and a sweet note from their manager, which is displayed in employee areas throughout the resort. Read about this month's Bluefin's Best below!

Bluefin's Best - November 2023

Chandler West –
It is Cory and my pleasure to nominate Chandler West as one of Bluefin's Best for the month of November! Chandler did an amazing job once he came onto the team this last May as an Activities Guide. He was able to add a calming presence to his trips which allowed our guests to feel comfortable with him, the activity they were participating in, and the outdoor areas. Chandler is a hard working and dependable individual and brings positivity to the team that he’s working with. As the Summer season ended, Chandler transitioned out of Activities and into a split role with F&B and Maintenance. During this process he was able to show his flexibility and ability to adapt. He has now moved to maintenance full time, and we are lucky to have him in whatever department he’s currently in! In the short time you have been the maintenance department, your great attitude and personality has shown through and your can-do spirit has made you a great addition to our team. Thank you for your hard work. (written by Sean Henkenius, Activities Coordinator with help from Cory Wilde, Maintenance Director)

Ryan Munroe –
Ryan continues to create experiences and special memories for those who dine and work at Bluefin Bay. Whether he is serving, working an event or being the MOD, his name is often coming up in comment cards of how much of an impact he has made during one's dining experience. Ryan is truly one of a kind when it comes to his professionalism and making service flow well. Not only does Ryan provide exceptional front of the house experience, he is truly gifted in the back of house as well. Ryan can often be found helping the kitchen with prep, making creme brulé, teaching others how to plate the desserts, and working on expo. He has been a well-rounded player of our team this season, and we are sad that it will be his last. We wish the best to Ryan and his future endeavors and know that he is a life long friend to many at the resort. (written by Tessa Paquette, Food & Beverage Manager)

Irma Hernandez – 
Irma- You’ve consistently demonstrated a very high level of reliability and punctuality, which significantly contributes to our team’s success and sets a very strong example for others. Not only do you show up, but your attention to detail and commitment to excellence are clearly reflected in your work. You are one of the hardest workers I know and always bring a smiling face. Gracias irma tenemos suerte de tenerte! (written by Heather Wait, Housekeeping Manager)