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Bluefin's Best: March


Bluefin's Best is one of the longest standing traditions at Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. In fact, the accolade has been around longer than our Bluefin Bay Calendar! It is a celebration and recognition of employees that have gone above and beyond in their department and exemplified what it means to be "Bluefin's Best". There are a few employees selected each month. Those employees are given a bonus and a sweet note from their manager, which is displayed in employee areas throughout the resort. Read about this month's Bluefin's Best below!

Bluefin's Best: March

Edwin Chitimba - Guest Services
Edwin has been a blessing to have in our Front Desk team. He has stepped up when we needed help and jumped in to fill shifts. He has taken on being a Manager on Duty and has been excelling at this position. Edwin has shined in difficult situations and always goes above and beyond to help guests. Edwin is a great model for excellent service and is consistently recognized by guests. Thank you Edwin for everything that you do! (Written by Ross Sherman, Lodging DIrector)

Karen Lurie - Waves of Superior Spa
Karen, a native of Boston, joined our Spa team in November and we are so lucky to have her. She is an outstanding Esthetician who’s retail knowledge and sales have astounded us all. Her nurturing and caring demeanor makes her a wonderful massage therapist. Karen is always willing to help when needed in any aspect. She does everything with a smile on her face. Her exuberant personality, experience and knowledge gets her rave reviews from guests. She has a great since of humor and has lifted all of our spirits. She is a joy to work with and an integral part of our team! (Written by Trish Williams, Spa Director)

KP Teo - Coho Cafe 
Congratulations KP for winning Bluefin's Best. From day one, KP has showcased exceptional leadership qualities, inspiring others with dedication and an amazing work ethic. His ability to connect with customers and effectively resolve issues has earned him admiration. His positive impact on our team is undeniable and we are grateful to have someone like him among us. Thank you for always inspiring the team and having good charisma. (Written by Tessa Paquette, Food & Beverage Manager)

Jamie Stone - Coho Cafe
Congratulations, Jamie, on being awarded Bluefin's Best! Your exceptional leadership qualities have been evident since day one inspiring others through your unwavering dedication and remarkable work ethic. Your adeptness at connecting with customers and resolving issues has garnered widespread admiration. You bring a positive influence on the team at Coho, we are truly fortunate to have you among us. Thank you for consistently motivating the team and your contributions as MOD at Coho are invaluable and make our workplace a better environment. Keep shining as a beacon of inspirations for all of us! (Written by Tessa Paquette, Food & Beverage Manager)