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Hike & Paint

Guided Hike & Paint:
Feeling artsy and outdoorsy? We’ve created three complimentary experiences to channel your inner artist while enjoying nature. 
The Shovel Point Hike and Paint begins at Tettegouche State Park, about 20 miles south of Bluefin Bay. The Shovel Point trail traverses through an area supporting three different microclimates with unique terrain formed by ancient lava flows, mountains, and glacial erosion. A short hike with inspiring views is followed by a watercolor tutorial to tap into our creative side. 
The second hike is aptly named Artist’s Point Hike and Paint. Located in downtown Grand Marais, this activity starts in the harbor with a short walk along a narrow point of land. Enjoy the views of a rocky shoreline leading to the lighthouse on one side and a pine tree covered peninsula on the other. Lake Superior, the harbor, and the Sawtooth Mountains are visible from different angles, making it the perfect spot to set up for a watercolor painting tutorial.
The third location is the stunning Cascade River State Park, where we'll hike along the stair stepping waterfalls that gave the river its name. Several bridges provide bird's eye views of this stunning gorge. There are many different choices for what to paint with this scenic location.