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Things To Do | North Shore Adventure Park



There is no shortage of activities to do on the North Shore. For those looking for a little extra adventure, you won’t want to miss the North Shore Adventure Park. Located in Silver Bay, it’s a fun destination for thrill seekers of all ages.

  • The high ropes course has five levels of difficulty for ages 7+, with each course getting higher off the ground and more challenging. You’ll climb, clamber, and zip along these exhilarating courses! Don’t forget to pause and check out the amazing views of Lake Superior as you go. 

  • The high ropes course ticket includes access to the 400-foot dual racing ziplines

  • Younger kids ages 3-6 will love the Lil’ Rascals Playground with low obstacles and a sit-down zipline just for them.

  • Axe Throwing! The covered outdoor lanes are perfect for groups up to 4 and ages 12+. After a little coaching from the staff, you’ll be ready for some friendly competition with your loved ones. 

We’re excited to introduce $5 off per ticket for our guests to climb and zip or $5 off per lane (up to 4 people) for axe throwing during your stay! This offer is valid all season, excluding MEA weekend, and excludes Li’l Rascals for ages 3-6.  Please contact guest services for the promo code before making the required reservations for the North Shore Adventure Park. 

North shore Adventure park kidsaxe throwing

Photos courtesy of North Shore Adventure Park and North Shore Explorer MN