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Bluefin's Best: January


Bluefin's Best is one of the longest standing traditions at Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. In fact, the accolade has been around longer than our Bluefin Bay Calendar! It is a celebration and recognition of employees that have gone above and beyond in their department and exemplified what it means to be "Bluefin's Best". There are a few employees selected each month. Those employees are given a bonus and a sweet note from their manager, which is displayed in employee areas throughout the resort. Read about this month's Bluefin's Best below!

Bluefin's Best: January

Sevgi Akinci

Sevgi is a phenomenal example of what it means to be Bluefin's Best. She is such a team player who provides consistency and stability. Over and over again she is mentioned for providing exceptional service to guests. Not only does Sevgi show up well at Bluefin, but she is also an established member of the Cook County community, often times working doubles between here at Bluewater Cafe. She does a great job of balancing everything and maintaining a level head through some of the busiest times we have seen. To most people, Sevgi is more than just a coworker, she is also a friend. (written by Tessa Paquette, Food & Beverage Manager)

Paul McClary

Paul is a huge asset to Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. He consistently goes above and beyond to assist our guests and make sure their stay is the best ever! From the beginning of his shift to the end he stays busy and does any needed task whether it’s in his realm of work or not. He is knowledgeable in all areas of our resort and a great asset to our team! Paul, you rock, and we are lucky to have you as part of our family. (written by Jodi Krech, Front Desk Manager)

Sam Norris

Since you have joined the maintenance team you have displayed your strong work ethic and can-do attitude. From getting asked to do extra hours of firewood to spending the day painting in the wastewater treatment plant. I also want to say thank you for picking up shifts so other team members could take the holidays off. All of these make you one of Bluefin bests!!! (written by Cory Wilde, Maintenance Director)