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Bluefin's Best: December


Bluefin's Best is one of the longest standing traditions at Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. In fact, the accolade has been around longer than our Bluefin Bay Calendar! It is a celebration and recognition of employees that have gone above and beyond in their department and exemplified what it means to be "Bluefin's Best". There are a few employees selected each month. Those employees are given a bonus and a sweet note from their manager, which is displayed in employee areas throughout the resort. Read about this month's Bluefin's Best below!

Bluefin's Best: December

Adrian Welch
Adrian has been a part of the Bluefin Grille team for almost one whole year, and he has been such an amazing addition. It has been great watching him be in his element, chatting with guests, and providing great service. He really embodies what Bluefin's Best means; he is an essential team player that truly cares about his work and the quality of service he provides. He also is always willing to go above and beyond, whether that means picking up an extra shift, training a new employee, or helping out in other areas around the resort. Adrian is a joy to have on the Bluefin Grille team and we truly enjoy working with him. (written by Tessa Paquette, Food & Beverage Manager)

Dereck Nieto Perez
We commend you with the prestigious Bluefin Best recognition for your outstanding commitment and remarkable contributions. Your continuous improvement, exceptional work quality, and leadership qualities have set a high standard for the team.
Your passion for the culinary arts is not only reflected in your skills, but also in the positive energy you bring to the workplace. Your willingness to share knowledge and provide valuable training to your colleagues is commendable.
In receiving the Bluefin Best recognition, your dedication and enthusiasm inspire us all, and we are grateful to have you on our team. (written by Rafael Balaguer Almodovar, Coho Cafe Assistant Manager)

Rochelle Tapper
Rochelle has been a huge asset to our Front Desk team. She has been such a fast learner and the speed at which she masters new skills is amazing. She is always looking to learn more and has a true desire to learn every aspect of her profession. She is dependable, handles stressful situations with top notch skill and exudes confidence in all that she does. She is always willing to pick up extra shifts and help out wherever needed. She is helpful, caring, and compassionate with her coworkers and guests alike.  Rochelle, we are lucky to have you as part of our Bluefin family! (written by Jodi Krech, Front Desk Manager)