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Bluefin's Best April
Bluefin's Best April

Bluefin's Best: April


Bluefin's Best is one of the longest standing traditions at Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. In fact, the accolade has been around longer than our Bluefin Bay Calendar! It is a celebration and recognition of employees that have gone above and beyond in their department and exemplified what it means to be "Bluefin's Best". There are a few employees selected each month. Those employees are given a bonus and a sweet note from their manager, which is displayed in employee areas throughout the resort. Read about this month's Bluefin's Best below!

Bluefin's Best: April

Maggie Perez
Maggie, where do I even begin? Maggie has been such a huge asset to our housekeeping team. She is a strong leader who people respect and follow. She brings people together and makes everyone feel like family. She has such strong knowledge of our department which helps her to perform any role excellently and with a smile. Her dedication to her job and her team is one of a kind. Maggie, we can't say thank you enough for everything you've done for us. You are so appreciated! Congratulations on Bluefin's Best! (Written by Heather Wait, Housekeeping Manager)

Joe Gondeck
It is with great pleasure to announce Joe Gondeck as Bluefin's Best! Joe is starting his 3rd summer with us and has helped create new programming for our guests! Last summer Joe helped launch our Hike and Paint program and this summer, Joe is launching Paint and Sip classes here at the resort! Joe always looks for opportunities to enhance our guests’ stays and this shows by how often he is mentioned by our guests in the comment cards. Thank you, Joe, for your hard work and dedication to the resort and our guests! :) (Written by Sean Henkenius, Activities Coordinator)

Perihan McCampbell
Congratulations to Perihan for being selected for Bluefin's Best. Her exceptional leadership in the bakery at Coho Cafe has been truly commendable. Perihan has been a pillar of support for both her co-workers and management, consistently delivering high-quality work in the bakery area. Her dedication and commitment to excellence have truly made a difference, and this recognition is well-deserved. Keep up the amazing work, Perihan! (Written by Rafael Almodovar, Coho Cafe Manager)

Kimone Russell
Kimone's journey with us began a few months ago, hailing from Jamaica with a passion for learning and growth. Since then, she has impressively expanded her expertise in wines, bartending, American cuisine, and technology, becoming an invaluable part of our team. Kimone played a vital role during our transition to a new computer system, guiding the staff daily and ensuring a smooth adaptation. Her versatility shines during busy nights, effortlessly managing to-go orders, overseeing the host stand, and addressing any challenges that arise. Kimone's dedication and professionalism make her an indispensable asset to the Bluefin Team, and we are truly grateful for her contributions to our success. Thank you Kimone! (Written by Jeff Ross, Bluefin Grille Manager)