Winter Hiking Adventures!

January 15, 2018

Adventure Bonfire HikeThe Lutsen-Tofte area is home to some of the most beautiful and dramatic sections of the Superior Hiking Trail and winter hiking adds a whole new level of fun and adventure. This season, our Activities Director has been busy adding new hikes and adventures to the weekly activities line-up. Get ready to be inspired to book your Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts winter getaway!

The Wilderness Bonfire Adventure Hike is a 1.5-mile trek roundtrip and we’ll stop to explore 3 points of interest:

  • Caribou River Gorge from the top of the 40-foot waterfall
  • A fantastic observation platform overlooking Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands
  • Incredible ice formations from the base of the Caribou Falls.

Halfway on our trek, we stop at the campsite located on the East side of the Caribou River and enjoy a bonfire, complete with smores!

  • Guide Tips: Dress appropriately for the weather by dressing in layers. Bring along a small backpack to stash some layers if you start to get warm. You want to be aware of your warmth level and remove layers before you start to sweat. Also, we know they’re cute but winter fashion boots are not considered to be acceptable winter hiking attire. We are outside in the elements for approximately 2 hours. Our activity staff is happy to assist you in choosing the right items to bring along based on the current weather. We want you to have the best possible outdoor winter adventure experience!

The Kids Adventure Club activities are weather permitting but include kid size hikes, animal track identification, winter hibernation and much more. On poor weather days, we’ll make a craft or play bingo!

The Kids Adventure Hike starts out with a brief description of animal hibernation in the north woods and animal track identification followed by a short loop hike in Lutsen where we’ll search for tracks and make a visit to the Poplar River Falls. Kids and adults are encouraged to attend. Everyone should be prepared to be outside for approximately 1 hour. Winter jackets, gloves, hats, face masks and winter boots will keep you warm and toasty.

Kids Winter Adventure Hike