Waterfall Hikes!

April 14, 2016

waterfallsSpring is in the air, which means the snow is melting and the rivers are raging!

Bluefin Bay is centrally located near many of the best waterfall hiking on the North Shore and in the Lutsen Tofte area of Lake Superior.

  • Temperance River – located just 1 mile south of Bluefin Bay and connected via both Highway 61 and the Gitchi-Gami State Trail, Temperance River offers several waterfalls visible along the Superior Hiking Trail. Both sides of the river are rich with unforgettable views.
  • Cross River – You cannot miss this waterfall on the way up to the resort. Located about 5 miles south of Bluefin and just off Highway 61, is the Cross River which flows directly under the highway. The Falls are accessible via the end of the Tofte segment of the Gitchi-Gami State Trail or via the wayside parking lot adjacent to it on 61.
  • Caribou Falls – a 15 minute drive from Bluefin Bay, Caribou Falls is a 1/2 mile hike from the parking lot off of Highway 61 and features a dramatic 35 foot waterfall that you can practically walk right up to.
  • Baptism Falls – located in Tettegouche State Park (25 minutes from Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts), the Baptism Falls are a North Shore favorite. Head down the trail a little further to catch a glimpse of the Middle Falls.
  • Manitou River – A 30 minute drive from Bluefin and nestled in George Crosby Manitou State Park, is the Manitou River which has several hiking trails, 1 of them leading directly to a cascading waterfall on the Manitou River.
  • Beaver River – Located in the small town of Beaver Bay, this waterfall goes underneath Highway 61 and has a couple small trails. Great for a quick stop on the way up to Bluefin!
  • Onion River – 5 minutes north of Bluefin Bay and just off Highway 61 is the new Ray Berglund State Scenic Wayside. This short hike features great views of the Onion River as it makes it’s way down the hillside with a series of waterfalls.
  • Poplar River – This river goes right through Lutsen Mountains (10 minutes from Bluefin) and also cuts through the Superior National golf course. Great views from both locations!
  • Thompson Falls – located on the Cascade River and accessible via The Grade and Bally Creek Road, this waterfall is about a 40 minute drive from Bluefin Bay and is a bit of a hidden gem. A small spur trail takes you front and center to a great off-the-map waterfall.
  • Cascade River – The Cascade River in Lutsen, 15 mintues from Bluefin Bay, is a great hike for all ages and is easily accessible. There are several cascading waterfalls (see picture) along this river. The more adventurous hikers can take the hidden waterfall trail along the river (roughly 2 miles from parking lot) back to an incredible hidden waterfall, just adjacent the Superior Hiking Trail.
  • Fall River – Just before you head into Grand Marais, keep your eyes open for this waterfall nestled on the Fall River. Parking is limited along the highway, but the view is not!
  • Devils’ Kettle – This waterfall is a bit of a mystery. Devil’s Kettle is located on the Brule River in Judge CR Magney State Park and half of the falls literally disappear underground. No one is quite sure where it goes, but many theories exist. See for yourself!
  • High Falls of the Pigeon River – Just before the Canadian border near Grand Portage, MN is the highest waterfall in Minnesota. Take a short 15 minute walk on a nice paved trail/boardwalk up to a couple different vantage points of one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Minnesota.
  • Gooseberry Falls – Located about 45 minutes south of Bluefin Bay, this is a can’t miss stop on the way up the shore. Several trails and different vantage points are available to see this Minnesota treasure.

For a complete list of waterfall hikes in Cook County, MN see here.

Remember, Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts offers guided hikes every day of the year and many of them are to waterfall hikes like the ones mentioned above.