Tofte/Lutsen Snow Update + New Years Eve

December 29, 2011

Cross Country SkiersGood News!

We have been greeted with over 5 inches of snow the past couple of days up here at Bluefin Bay. The snow conditions up on the North Shore are among the best that the state has to offer!

Be sure to check out our website here for the latest in our winter activities schedule as well as music at the Bluefin Grille.

  • The Bluefin Grille’s late night menu will be open from 9PM-11PM for the remainder of the winter.
  • The Waves of Superior Spa has extended it’s hours to 7PM on Fridays and Saturdays for the upcoming holiday weekend.
  • Lutsen mountains continues to open more runs as more snow becomes available. Check out their website for updates on the ski hill conditions.
  • The 28th annual Sawtooth International Ski Races will be held on December 31st.
  • Just a reminder on New Years Eve, Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts will be offering shuttle service to it’s guest to and from the Bluefin Grille, as local act Eric Frost will be performing.