Tofte Town Park: A hidden gem in Bluefin’s back yard

September 7, 2015

Tofte Town ParkWhat a beautiful day for a stroll in the park!

Just after I arrived at the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts on Labor Day, I decided to take a stroll from Bluefin Bay to Tofte Park to stretch my legs. It was a long car ride and I wanted to immediately get up close and intimate with Lake Superior.

Tofte Park feels like it is literally connected to Bluefin Bay. And, honestly, it’s a little known hidden gem. On days like today – mid 70’s, sunny and a gentle breeze prodding the waves to lap on the rocky shore –this is a gorgeous walk. Actually, it’s a gorgeous walk in November Gales, too. And short. Round trip from the (west end) of the resort it’s not even half a mile.

As you enter the park, near the Tofte Fire Hall, a big stone arch with the name of the park welcomes you. The paved path takes you past the rocky shoreline, across the cutest stone bridge, past a unique sculpture, a picnic shelter, and plenty of outdoor picnic tables. The park also has a boat launch.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy your lunch and listen to the waves. And it’s so close to the resort and such an easy walk anyone can do it. On this day, I met toddlers and seniors along the way.

A plaque along the route tells of the history of the park. Tofte Park was donated to the town by Elizabeth Tofte, the oldest child of John and Cecelia Tofte — John was one of the original settlers.

In the early 1900’s, the U.S. Government gave the settlers 160 acres of land, provided they lived on the land and made improvements. John Tofte divided his land among family members, and John’s wife Cecelia was the official donor of the church property, and Elizabeth, yet a minor, made a gift of this park to the town of Tofte in 1922.

According to the Tofte town website, John Tofte commissioned several men to build cobblestone bridges, a waterway, and a drinking fountain in the park. All the cobblestones used in the construction were brought from a cobblestone beach, in a fishing skiff, to the Schroeder dock and then brought to Tofte with a team and wagon. The stones were carefully selected to be red, white, and blue.

The Tofte Park and Town Hall can be rented for weddings and family gatherings. And you can read more about the Park and the settlement of Tofte itself on the town website at

Bluefin Bay’s lakewalk is very popular with guests and almost everyone knows about this walking path connecting the main area of Bluefin Bay and Tofte Cove, as well as the outdoor pool and hot tub. But I’m surprised how many people I talk to who don’t know about Tofte Park on the other end of the property.

Bluefin Bay is uniquely situated all along Lake Superior’s rocky coastline, providing unprecedented access to Lake Superior. But we also have great walking paths along the lake in our signature lakewalk and in the paved walkway through Tofte Park.

Come check out Tofte Park next time you stay with us.

-Lori Schaefer, Bluefin Bay Marketing Director