A Tofte Hidden Treasure – The Commercial Fishing Museum

August 29, 2017

Wondering about day to day life of early 19th century Tofte? Wonder no more! The North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum has many artifacts, information, and photos. The North Shore and Lake Superior have a very rich maritime and comercial fishing history that can be easily studied at the Fishing Museum. Tofte’s early industry was primarily commercial fishing and once a week a ship would visit Tofte and trade fish caught locally for hard goods. The world was a different place before delivery trucks!

If you take a guided kayak tour from Bluefin Bay you may be lucky enough to visit a fishing boat house dating back to the early 20th century!

The North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum is open 9am-3pm Tuesday  – Thursday, 9am-5pm Friday – Saturday, and closed on Sunday and Monday.

If you are a guest at Bluefin Bay, stop by Guest Services and we will give you a free voucher for admission!