Lake Superior Facts

July 22, 2010

Some fun facts about your favorite Great Lake: Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake in the world by surface area. It holds 10% of the world’s fresh water; this is more than all of the other Great Lakes combined. If you stretch out the shoreline of Lake Superior, it could reach from Duluth to […]


Naturalist Programs


Come visit us at Bluefin Bay and take part in one of the U.S. Forest Service naturalist programs offered here at the resort. On Wednesday evenings, join a naturalist around the campfire and learn about the voyageurs that used to trade in the area hundreds of years ago. Friday evenings, the naturalist program will discuss wild […]


Best Honeymoon Resort – Six Years!

July 17, 2010

Bluefin Bay was proud to accept the Best Honeymoon Destination award from Minnesota Bride Magazine for the sixth straight year (2005-2010). Kim Nelson, our wedding and event coordinator, attended the Minnesota Bride awards ceremony in the Twin Cities last week to accept the award. We know that Bluefin Bay has long been referred to as […]