4th of July @ Bluefin Bay

July 8, 2010

We had a fantastic 4th of July celebration this year at Bluefin Bay. Despite some early morning showers, it actually turned out to be a fantastic day for the parade and festivities in the Tofte Park. Kids staying at Bluefin helped us decorate, and some even rode on, our “Activities-Themed” float. The gorgeous day was […]


Hiking the Shore

July 2, 2010

During your stay here at Bluefin Bay take the opportunity to enjoy a hike along the scenic Superior Hiking Trail. Join one of our guides for a daily hike to one of the beautiful rivers or peaks along the North Shore. To see which hikes are available during your stay check out our daily activities […]


Minnesota State Gemstone

June 25, 2010

During your Bluefin Bay vacation, you have the excellent opportunity to go in search of the Minnesota state gemstone: the Lake Superior Agate. We offer guided agate picking tours on Monday afternoons; however we can point you in the direction of a good agate beach during any day of the week.