Tettegouche State Park Excursion

April 10, 2015

Tettegouche State ParkOne of the many perks of living and working on Lake Superior’s rocky North Shore is being able to get out an explore the nooks and crannies that lie just off the beaten path. Some of the most breathtaking vistas and the most clandestine waterfalls are just a brisk walk ahead.

No place on the North Shore can claim the sheer number of rewarding hikes as Minnesota’s own Tettegouche State Park. Renowned for catering to those who prefer to get around by more conventional means of locomotion, Tettegouche offers 23 miles of hiking trails and back country cabins that are accessible by foot travel only. You can see why many are quick to call the park a “Hiker’s Paradise.”

The scenery is also second to none. From the Park’s brand new Interpretive Center you can make your way out to Shovel Point which juts out from the craggy coastline of Lake Superior. The trail meanders along a cliff that is a favorite of many rock climbers due to the sheer drop that plunges right into the icy blue water. From that vantage you can also spy Palisade Head in the distance. More inland, you can wander along the Baptism River or make your way amongst the ridges and valleys of the Sawtooth Mountains until you reach the cabins tucked in amongst the pines surrounding Mic Mac Lake. If you’re up for the challenge you can even tie into the Superior Hiking Trail and test your mettle on the 296 miles or trail that stretch from Duluth to Grand Portage.

Additionally, the Park has naturalist programs scheduled throughout the summer months. So, check their website and plan accordingly. Located just 25 minutes from Bluefin Bay, it is definitely a great way to while away an afternoon.

Lace up those hiking boots and get out there because you just can’t see it all from your car.

-Mitch Travis, Bluefin Bay Activities Director