Until we meet again…never miss a wave

Bluefin Bay Resort - April 1, 2020Dear guests, friends, and fans of Bluefin Bay Resorts,

Hello! We miss you, and we hope you are staying home and staying safe.

These photos taken around Bluefin Bay this past week are a sad reminder of the difficult times we’re living in. The resorts, parking lots and restaurants are all empty — and it’s just not the same around here without you. We miss the faces of happy vacationers, kids playing, and employees bustling about.

At the same time, we’re seeing signs of spring, and we spring sprouts HOPE.

Today, as the last of the snow melts along the shore, the waves crash, the grass greens, and nearby waterfalls gush — our gratitude goes to the health care workers and first responders, grocery store workers, farmers, truck drivers, sanitation workers, social service nonprofits, child care providers, food shelf volunteers, post office workers, government leaders, agencies and ALL of those on the front lines providing care, relief and support during this public health crisis.

From all of us at Bluefin Bay, we THANK YOU!

Bringing Bluefin Bay to you

While vacations to the North Shore are not possible at the moment, we are allowed to dream. We plan to bring Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts and the beloved North Shore to you at home – with beautiful picture, captivating videos, newsy updates, and entertaining stories. We all know, anticipation is the greatest joy. So, we’ll keep inspiring you to dream about your next getaway. Join us here on the I Love Bluefin Blog each week and on Facebook and Instagram where we can share memories and dream together. We invite you to share your favorite photos and memories virtually — until we meet again in person.

Readying to welcome you back safely

In addition to sharing our beautiful area with you online, we’re busy exploring how to safely reopen the resorts. We’re rethinking our services and how to make them safe during COVID-19. We’re looking into extra sanitation services, rethinking food service with appropriately spaced and outdoor dining and in-room delivery, and even exploring curbside check-in. We’ll keep you posted on all that is happening in and around the resorts to ensure that we can welcome you back safely soon. Check back here and on our COVID-19 update page here.

We bring you closer

At Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts, we pride ourselves on bringing you closer to Lake Superior and closer to each other. And we’ll continue to bring you closer, but for now, we’ll do it virtually. Make sure you “like” and follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can join in dreaming of warm summer days, crashing Lake Superior waves, hiking our lush green Superior National Forest, and take a soak in our hot tub.

Please hashtag your photos when you share so we can ALL daydream. Stay connected here  and never miss a wave!

We’ll see you soon. Stay safe.

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