Will you hit the Jackpot? Check out this new mountain bike trail in Lutsen

Jackpot flow mountain biking trail tofteThe North Shore is blessed with its biking trails — from the paved Gitchi Gami Bike Trail running parallel to all three Bluefin Bay Resorts and for 29 miles along the shoreline, to the adventure and thrill of off-road experiences ranging from white knuckled single track to winding backcountry roads. Oh, and fat tire biking in the winter!

But have you hit the Jackpot?

Last Fall, a new single-track bike trail in Lutsen called the Jackpot Connector Trail made its debut. The Jackpot Connector runs between Britton Peak trails in Tofte to Onion River Road and on to Lutsen Mountains. The 18-mile trail offers adventure and an outstanding ride for every skill level from beginners to advanced riders.

Riders will experience a variety of terrain as they climb over and around the Sawtooth Mountains. Entry level riders can ride certain sections of the trail, and expert riders will enjoy big climbs and some of the technical features. The ride includes several scenic overlooks and it’s a wilderness ride that’s not easily replicated anywhere in the Midwest.

Our recommendation is to know a bit about the sections of this trail in advance of venturing out. In that spirit, we’re sharing this great video where you can actually see and experience sections of the trail for yourself.

The Jackpot Connector Bike Trail was built thanks to the hard work of the Superior Cycling Association (SCA). In this video co-produced by SCA and Visit Cook County, Tim Kennedy, SCA President, provides a great overview of what to expect.  See video here.

In truth, you haven’t really experienced the North Shore until you’ve done it from atop two wheels. Powered by pedals, the rugged Lake Superior coastline and jagged mountaintops take on a whole new meaning. It’s an intimate experience and a trip unlike any other. And, it’s the perfect outdoor activity during these crazy and challenging times.

Road and mountain bike rentals are included as part of your stay at any of our Bluefin Bay Resorts, and the area offers bike trails for both that meet all skill and ambition levels. Read more here on our biking page, or join a guided bike tour as part of our complimentary resort activities. Visit Cook County also has trail maps and more biking information here.

If you venture out on the Jackpot, share your adventure with us. We’d love to see your photos or video.

Happy pedaling!


New Resort Activity: December Lecture Series!

Here at the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts, we are always looking for new experiences and activities for our guests: those that reflect the lifestyle and opportunities unique to Minnesota’s North Shore. One new activity we’ve recently added is our December Lecture Series which we are hosting along with the owners of Grand Marais based Spirit Guiding Adventures!

The next lecture series presentation will be on Friday, December 15th. Join us for this free resort guest activity with the theme of ‘Human Powered Travel through the Winter Landscape’. Matthew Baxley Of Spirit Guiding Adventures will cover the importance of appropriate layering in sub-freezing temperatures as well as how to assess snow and ice conditions to choose the best method of wilderness travel. Learn to stay safe, comfortable and find the winter wilderness magic.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions regarding outdoor adventures you’ve been curious about or technical questions related to gear and equipment.

Learn more about Spirit Guiding Adventures and their amazing guided trips and tours here. Whether you’re a newbie or pro, their guided adventures are geared toward any experience level. They take care of the details so you can connect with the surroundings.

Check out more complimentary guest activities on our Activities and Events Calendar and start planning your winter adventure today!