Waterfall Mania! Our Top 5 Favorites

Temperance River in SpringThe North Shore of Lake Superior has the best waterfall viewing of anywhere in Minnesota, perhaps the Midwest. The unique geologic formations along the North Shore create breathtaking waterfalls that are especially spectacular in the spring.

There are so many wonderful places to stop for great waterfall viewing along the North Shore. Whether you want to keep your viewing close to Highway 61 or prefer a good hike along a river before reaching the falls, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 favorites.

1 – Temperance River Falls at Temperance River State Park – truly a Bluefin Bay guest and staff favorite and the most popular waterfall viewing because of its beauty and proximity to all three Bluefin Bay Resorts. You can even walk or bike to Temperance River State Park from either Temperance Landing or Surfside Resort! In addition, parking along Hwy 61 makes it an easy stop on the way up or down the shore.  Note: Join this hike as part of our complimentary guided resort activities.

2 – Cascades & Falls at Cascade River State Park   Just 10 miles from the resort with easy parking right along Highway 61 make this another favorite.  While hiking beside this beautiful river you’ll be treated to views of a series of stair-stepping ‘cascading’ waterfalls.   Note: Join this hike as part of our complimentary guided resort activities.

3 – Caribou Falls State Wayside A pleasant 3/4 mile walk along the beautiful Caribou River leads to one of the most breath-taking waterfalls on the North Shore! From the trail, descend four flights of stairs to the base of the stunning 35-foot waterfall.  Yes, you’ll have to hike back up to the top…remember to count the number of steps for bragging rights later on! Want even more views? Keep heading up the trail to a large observation platform with a view of Lake Superior and the falls below. Note: Join this hike as part of our complimentary guided resort activities.

4 – High Falls of the Pigeon River at Grand Portage State Park –This one is totally worth the drive that takes you right to the Canadian Border. After an easy half-mile hike, you’ll be greeted by a view of a 120′ waterfall drop. Watch out! This one creates a spectacular spray in spring!

5 – Cross River Falls at Schroeder You can’t miss this 100′ falls as you drive by on Hwy 61 as you head North to Bluefin Bay Resorts. We especially love this falls because of its accessibility to all and the impressive roar this time of year. The perfect waterfall to stop at every time you drive by in any season!

Discover more information on the North Shore waterfalls, travel tips, and links to area maps visit our Waterfalls Page. 

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Happy waterfall viewing!

Spring Escape!

north shore waterfall early springSpring is officially here. Yippee! It’s the time of year when we celebrate longer days, warm sun, rushing waterfalls, and even one last chance on the slopes or trails for spring skiing.

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Waterfall season is almost here and it’s fair to say that the North Shore of Lake Superior has the best waterfall viewing of anywhere in Minnesota, perhaps the Midwest. This year we are predicting an exceptional waterfall season. Since we had huge amounts of winter snowfall we’ll see spectacular spring waterfalls! In fact, we are already seeing many rivers starting to put on their spring flow show.  You can easily spend a few days driving up and down highway 61 checking out all the wonderful falls.  Learn more and get great travel tips for waterfall season here.

We’ll be starting a weekly waterfall segment soon. Look for it on our social media pages where we’ll highlight a different not-to-miss waterfall each week!

In addition, here are a few upcoming spring events and activities you may not want to miss:

  • April 21: Easter Brunch at Waves Cafe on Lake Superior
  • April 4-6: Sweetwater Shakedown at Lutsen Mountains & Papa Charlie’s  3-day music festival
  • May 3-5: Spring Food & Wine Lovers Weekend 
  • Cook County Events Calendar

Waterfall of the Week!

Caribou Falls in SpringWhen it comes to waterfalls we don’t like to pick favorites. We love them all for their unique settings and impressive displays of rushing water each spring, but the Caribou River is a waterfall hike we never miss this time of year. The Caribou Falls State Wayside is located on the border of Lake and Cook Counties and just a 15-minute drive from Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. The parking area was greatly expanded and paved last year adding to the ease and accessibility of visiting this waterfall.

The ¾ mile long trail winds right along the beautiful cedar lined river with a couple inviting spots to hop out on rocks during the drier months. Continuing on, the trail quickly starts heading up and you will have some great views of the river gorge below. About a half mile from the parking area is a long set of wooden stairs taking you down to a breathtaking view of the 40-foot Caribou Falls. The deep canyon walls and the loud rush of the falls creates a magical and exhilarating experience. Well worth the trek back up those stairs! At the top of the stairs, you will want to continue on up the trail to the large observation deck that sits just above the falls. A perfect spot for a water and snack break as you take in the awesome view of Lake Superior and the river valley below. If you would like a longer hike, this trail also continues on to hook up with the Superior Hiking Trail.

Check out our waterfalls page for more wonderful falls to visit, maps, and viewing tips. Your waterfall tour adventure is even better when you take advantage of our Spring Fever Offer through June 14th. Enjoy a FREE night when you purchase two nights (midweek night is free)!

Caribou Falls Overlook April


Searching for Spring? We’ve got Waterfalls and Maple Syrup!

Temperance River April 2017The past weekend’s snow blasted most of Minnesota, including the North Shore, and has us all asking, “WHERE IS SPRING?!”

Up here in Northeastern Minnesota, we love some spring snow. It helps to stretch out the spring skiing season and once it starts melting in a couple days, it will add to the dramatic rush of the waterfalls. Sweet!

Speaking of sweet, the maple trees have been tapped and the sap has been flowing. The local award-winning maple syrup producers have been busy boiling and boiling and boiling the sap turning it into sweet goodness. Yum! You’ll want to check out the operations and purchase syrup and other maple products at these local producers: Caribou Cream and Wild Country Maple Products.

It’s time to think spring and start planning a waterfall and maple syrup tour! Head to our waterfalls page for a list of not-to-miss waterfalls and travel tips to help you plan your adventure. We’ll also be starting a Waterfall Wednesday series on social media where we’ll feature a different waterfall each week with a video, photos, and viewing tips.

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