Loons and Wolves and S’mores, Oh My!

Naturalist ProgramWe’re very fortunate to be located within the beautiful Superior National Forest here along the North Shore. The United States Forest Service manages the wilderness area, using ecosystem management plus multiple uses solutions, for animals and plants to thrive along with human enjoyment and recreation. One of their ways to help educate and excite people about this incredible area is to offer weekly naturalist programs at different locations in Cook County. We’re lucky enough to have them stop by Bluefin Bay two nights a week during the summer for fun and informative talks.

The Wednesday and Friday evening programs at the Bluefin Bay beach are from 7:30-9: 00 pm and come complete with a bonfire and s’mores!

  • On Wednesdays: Wolves in the Night
    Nothing means wilderness like the lonely cry of a wolf. Admired or hated, wolves stir people’s emotions. Learn about Minnesota’s most famous residents.
  • On Fridays: Legends of the Loons 
    The call of the loon sends chills up the spines of everyone in the North. Learn about life as a loon. We’ll also share some stories of the bird known as The Great Northern Diver.

The North Shore Naturalist Programs run through August 25th and you can view a list of all programs in the area on the Superior National Forest website.


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