A Stormy Slushy at Bluefin Bay

February 8, 2015

Lake Superior in the WinterA Story Slushy

A big storm over Lake Superior brought wind-whipped flakes and dramatic waves to Bluefin guests.

The several inches of new powder will be a boon to cross-country skiers, visitors to Lutsen Mountains and snowshoers.

Even if guests decide not to take advantage of the trails, they don’t have to go far to witness the wildness of the North Shore. The east winds brought five-foot swells with windswept crests of foam. The waves were white with freezing slush and shards of ice. All of that ice piled up in tall glittering mounds against the shore, extending several yards off shore.

In other places, the ice formed giant slabs – the kind that would look at home off the coast of Greenland. The waves continue to carve this ice. In one place there is even a “blowhole” which erupts periodically with freezing spray. Pictures of this great sight can be found on our Facebook page.

The frozen, ever changing shoreline is a wonder to behold, and a testament to the frigid fury of Lake Superior.

– Tom Fagin, Activities