Spring Waterfall Hiking

April 10, 2017

Happy Spring!

The forest is alive with the sound of runoff! The North Shore is home to some of the Midwest’s greatest waterfalls and during the Springtime the beauty is accentuated. With the April showers and melting snow, there is a giant influx of water trying to make its way home to Lake Superior. Not only are our staple rivers flowing at higher volume, but runoff streams are creating new waterfalls! As you drive along route 61, you will see many streams flowing from the rock cliffs along the road. And when you’re hiking, you may see waterfalls emerging from the undergrowth that you have never seen before.

The best waterfall hikes are right in out back yard here at Bluefin Bay:

  • Cascade River
  • Caribou River
  • Cross River
  • Temperance River
  • Onion River
  • Baptism River

These Rivers are all rushing with this excess of water and waiting for you to take in their grandeur! Don’t forget your rain jacket!

Our guides have captured some footage of recent waterfalls: The Baptism River, Cascade River, and Caribou River, respectively.

We’ll see you out there!