Ski Trail Update

January 16, 2015

Cross Country SkiersIf you are looking to make a trip up to the North Shore for cross-country skiing, there are a few new options close to Bluefin Bay.

Up at the Sugarbush Trails, there are many new groomed kilometers to play on, including the Summit View Trail, which goes up to the cliffs below the top of Carlton Peak. This is exciting news if you want to try some skijoring — going skiing with your dog(s) pulling you. Upland Loop is another local trail which allows skijoring and is packed but not yet groomed.

The Onion River Road continues to offer excellent skiing, including Bluefin Bay’s first guided tour of the year on Saturday. Minnesotans were out in force, gliding along immaculate tracks and skating on the freshly groomed ridges. Two guests, new to skiing, had a great time sliding along the powder, soaking up the sun in the balmy 10 degree weather.

A few new options have opened up around the Onion River, though low snow conditions means that some of them are best suited for guests with rock skis (skis you don’t mind beating up.) The blue-marked eastern section of the Oberg Loop is rated “fair to good” on the latest snow report, but even with good grooming, the low snow levels make for bumpy going – best for experienced skiers. The Picnic Loop and Britton to Oberg Connector trails also get fair to good ratings. Again, the low snow might make the terrain bumpier.

Around Britton Peak, there are many kilometers of newly groomed and rolled trails, open for skiing, including the 7.3 kilometer Hogback Loop rated “fair to good.” Work is ongoing here and the low snow adds some challenges to the terrain.

Thanks to our neighbors at the Sugarbush Trail Association for keeping so many trails open amidst a challenging season. Find new updates at their website: The front desk folks are always glad to share new information about the ever-changing trails.

We’ve been doing our snow dances here to get the other the trails filled out but, alas, the gods have been miserly with their gifts.

-Tom Fagin, Bluefin Activities