Rain Left Amazing Waterfalls on the North Shore!

June 21, 2012

River on the North ShoreAfter a few days of heavy rain we are having a sunny and beautiful day at Bluefin Bay. The waterfalls are just spectacular!

We have been getting many phone calls from our guests wondering if we are OK and panicking about coming up to the North Shore. There was devastation in Duluth, but we had very little if any damage in the Cook County. There are no major concerns for those driving from the Twin Cities. There is a minor re-route on Highway 61 by the Knife River which takes traffic onto the Scenic Drive for a short distance.

We are expecting a beautiful weekend at Bluefin Bay on Lake Superior.

Photographer Stephan Hoglund of Grand Marais, MN took some amazing photos of Rosebush Creek and Cascade River.