The raging Temperance River is like none other, don’t miss it!

April 26, 2014

Temperance RiverBring your camera and your videocamera

By Lori Schaefer, Bluefin Bay Marketing Director

There is nothing quite like hiking along the Temperance River in the peak of spring when the river is gushing and the water is slamming through the gorge. This is a spectacular site, and no matter how many times I do it, I can’t wait to go back. Each and every trip is different.

Today, Saturday, April 26th, the sun was shining and temps hit about 40 degrees so it was perfect hiking weather. My friend, Jean, and I grabbed the trackers for our shoes from Bluefin Bay Guest Services and hit the trail mid-afternoon. It was so much fun. As our photos and video show, the river was raging and kicking up all kinds of mist. The power and force of that river and it slams through the gorge and cascades along is such a site.

The trail itself was snow covered and slushy vs. icy, so for the most part our journey was safe. There were places – especially on the rocky step that ascends to enter the Temperance Trail. We had to choose our footing carefully and occasionally hold onto a rock, a tree, or each other to keep from slipping. It was slightly more challenging coming down vs. up.

At the end of the hike as we approached the mouth of the Temperance River where it dumps into Lake Superior, we saw two fisherman fishing the raging stream at the mouth for Steelhead which we learned “run” this time of year. We got some really cool photographs of the fisherman, though I bet we scared the fish with our enthusiasm and laughter.

Temperance River is my personal favorite any time of year, but in the spring it is simply spectacular. A site to see. Temperance River and its winding waterfalls never disappoint. If you are in the area this week or in the weeks ahead, I suggest you hike Temperance and bring your camera or iPhone. I shot this all on my iPhone. The hike was invigorating, stimulating and honestly, awe inspiring.

Tip: Temperance River State Park is less than a mile from Bluefin Bay, and closer to Surfside and Temperance Landing. Park on the roadside area and take the trail that winds along the edge of the Temperance River gorge and you’ll enjoy the spectacular rushing waterfalls surrounded by pine, spruce, cedar and birch forests. The rapidly flowing river has cut deep potholes in and along the riverbed. Or, hike the trail all the way to Hidden Falls or connect up with trails into the Superior National Forest and the Cross River Wayside. Do wear trackers and hiking boots that are waterproof.