Peak Fall Colors are Almost Here!

September 14, 2011

Water on the North ShoreThere is definitely a chill in the air on this crisp fall day, but we’ve got sunny skies with a wind coming off the lake. (This Photo shot about 3 p.m. from Bluefin Bay beach.)

As we transition from summer into fall on the North Shore, the leaves are beginning to show color and very soon our inland maples will be vivid oranges, yellows and gold! We’re expecting fall peak inland at the end of September, but will likely have color in varying degrees for the next few weeks.

The Minnesota DNR is predicting one of the best fall peaks in a decade – read article here. Check out the Minnesota DNR Fall colors page for up to date fall color information to help plan your stay. But book early as Bluefin Bay and its sister resorts Surfside and Temperance Landing fill fast during fall peak.

As for today, we are still seeing many green trees with some colors starting to show in the crowns of the trees further inland. Along the shore is a nice sunny day in the mid 50’s, and it looks like we should have great hiking conditions for our fall guided hikes.

Pagami Creek Fire Update: Many of our guests are following the Pagami Creek Fire which originated east of Ely in the BWCAW on Aug. 18 and has now spread to about 100,000 acres of BWCAW. The fire is reportedly still a good 30 miles NW of Bluefin Bay/Tofte.

In Tofte, we experience smokey skies when the winds blow NW. Today, it has been clear and sunny. For the remainder of this week and into the weekend (through Sunday) the weather service is predicting S and SW winds — so we should be in the clear! Unofficial reports say that cooler temperatures and higher humidity have helped keep the fire from spreading today and the smoke, while periodically evident, appears to be similar to conditions experienced elsewhere around the Midwest. For the most up to date report on the Pagami Creek fire, click here.