New Gondola Being Built at Lutsen Mountains

July 21, 2015

New Gondola Being Built at Lutsen MountainsYes, we know summer is in full swing, and it’s a fantastic one at the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. While most of guests are thinking about hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, relaxing and watching the waves roll in, our friends and neighborhoods at Lutsen Mountains are busy constructing a new $7 million Gondola!

The current Gondola at Lutsen Mountains has been there for 30+ years, and offers seating for 4 max, the new upgraded Gondola will seat 8. The project is part of a 10-year, $25 million dollar transformation that is evolving Lutsen Mountains into a state-of-the-art destination ski resort – right in Bluefin Bay’s backyard.

According to Tom Rider, Lutsen Mountains co-owner and co-president, the expansion will greatly help accommodate the increasing number of visitors. “About 300 (people) an hour now (ride the Gondola) and it will be 1,000 (people) an hour when it’s completed. It will have the potential to go up to 2,400 people per hour just by adding cabins,” said Rider.

Lutsen Mountains Facebook page today boasts: “The line has been cleared, forms for the towers are being constructed, and the top terminal is underway. The helicopter has arrived and the concrete is being poured!”

Construction on the Gondola is set to end mid-fall. And plans are to have it up and running by November.

Pretty exciting stuff for Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts guests who look forward to winter. We’ll keep you updated here and on the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts Facebook page.

View Fox 21 TV story on the new Gondola here.

Check out Lutsen Mountains Facebook page for weekly updates here.