Moose Madness

October 10, 2016

What’s big, brown, and on its way to Grand Marais? You guessed it: MOOSE!14445953_10154388355371839_3349476758233431920_n

Those of you who actively follow our Facebook page for the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts will certainly remember our lucky moose sighting in late September. Staring straight at our Activities Director with a curious tilt of the chin and confidant stance, this bull moose seemed perfectly ready for his close up during their lucky encounter.

Well, for those of you partaking in a North Shore getaway during the weekend of October 21st, we welcome you to enjoy your own encounters with the Alces alces during the Moose Madness festival in Grand Marais! The streets of this cozy lakeside town will be buzzing with life as moose fanatics and families from near and far enjoy a local scavenger hunt, pictures and selfies with Murray the Moose, the annual Moose Mosey run along the harbor, and a smattering of other moose-related activities. What could be more classic Minnesota than that, eh?

For more information on the festival and for clues on how to earn Moose Bucks for prizes, visit the event’s webpage on or drop by the Grand Marais Visitor’s Center (temporarily nicknamed Moose Centrail – how charming is that?). You can also find a full schedule of the weekend’s activities and some handy coupons online!

Let us be your host during this weekend of moose-tacular good times on the brisk Lake Superior shoreline! Contact one of our Guest Services representatives to book your stay.