Mist and Sunshine

May 18, 2015

Mist on the North ShoreMist is a frequent visitor here on Lake Superior, as much a part of the North Shore landscape as the waterfalls, the Sawtooth Mountains or the cliffs of Palisade Head.

When the foggy blanket descends, familiar walks become mysterious worlds. The white drifts themselves lend their own ethereal beauty to a landscape. Through the camera lens, it is an opportunity to shoot unique photos.

On Saturday’s photo tour, guest hiking on Sugarloaf Cove got to contrast the grays along the shoreline with the bright-colored cobbles along the shoreline. The distant rock mound across the water – the one that 19th century traders termed “The Sugarloaf” – was visible as a dim silhouette.

The fog not only provided a different kind of landscape for the photographers on the tour, it also provided the kind of gentle, even lighting that is ideal for portraits, unlike sunny days where harsh shadows often intrude.

While Superior fog can linger for awhile offshore, all it took was a shift in the winds to bring in the bright sun and blue sky.

By the time the second tour of the day left for Cascade State Park, the sun had warmed the shoreline, creating the perfect conditions for guests to lounge along the rocky shore by the mouth of the river.. But again, it was the mist that stole the show. High above the swirling waters of the falls, a curtain of water droplets filtered the sunlight into a brilliant rainbow.

-Tom Fagin, Activities