Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

December 15, 2015

Gondola Station at LustenIt’s happening! With about six inches of fresh snow in the forecast, we’re pretty giddy around here. We love snow. Our guests love snow. And we all want a white holiday.

But at Lutsen Mountains SKi Resort, just eight miles North of Bluefin Bay, they already have lots of the white stuff and they’re excited to make more!

Did you know that Lutsen Mountains has the most powerful snowmaking system in the Midwest with 6,000 gallons per minute pumping capacity? Or, that in a 24-hour cycle they can produce 2.3 million cubic feet of snow per day? Some pretty cool facts for the biggest and best ski resort in the Midwest, and it’s right in Bluefin Bay’s backyard. And Lutsen is predicting three mountains, five lifts & 20 runs open by Dec. 20th. And by Dece. 26th, they anticipate skiing on all four mountains with 30 – 35 runs.

The forecast — for snow and conditions ripe for snowmaking — is great this week. We say bring it on just in time for the grand opening of Lutsen’s new gondola this Friday, Dec. 18! We acn’t wait for this new Gondola that can carry 1,000 passengers an hour up to Moose Mountain (the old gondola capacity was 300.

Here’s more information on the new Gondola project from our Winter 2015-16 Fishwrapper and a news story about Friday’s opening.

We’ll keep you posted with pics and reports on the snow. Soon we hope to be out XC skiing, snowshoeing and more. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!