Lessons Learned on Oberg Mountain

May 15, 2015

Oberg MountainThe North Shore of Lake Superior is a special place to a lot of people for a variety of reasons. For our Marketing Director, Lori Schaefer, the North Shore marks the beginning of a personal transformation. Oberg Mountain, near Lutsen, is especially memorable.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to guide a series of hikes with a group of individuals we had at the resort that were trying to lose weight and transform their life before it was too late. Lori was one of the people in this group.

We went to a variety of different sections of the Superior Hiking Trail, but the most difficult one for this group happened to be Oberg Mountain. I remember the first time Lori stepped out of the Bluefin Bay shuttle and began her journey, then 200 pounds heavier than she stands today. I could tell immediately she was dreading the hike as she asked many questions about the mountain both to myself and the trainers on our way to the trailhead.

“Is this really steep? How many miles is this one? Does it level off?”, Lori grumbled. I had no idea at that moment that those couple weeks on the North Shore would prove to be a turning point in her life, for the better, as she would end up shedding pound after pound.

Lori recently wrote about the 3 year anniversary of her personal transformation on her blog, which can be found here.

Although all parts of the North Shore are special, Oberg Mountain holds significant value for Lori. Congratulations on 3 years in the equation, Lori!

-Jeremy, Marketing & Event Manager