Kid’s Craft Creations

January 22, 2015

Kids Crafts at Bluefin Bay ResortThe Kids Will Create

What can you do with a wooden spoon, some glue, paint, pipe cleaners, foam and googly eyes?

Plenty if you’re a kid.

The Martin Luther King holiday weekend brought plenty of families up to Bluefin Bay, including a bunch of kids who were eager to create.

Kid’s Craft, available for families at 4 p.m. Saturdays in Bluefin’s Tofte Room, gives younger guests a chance to show their stuff: whether it’s making block prints, casting animal prints in plaster or – this time around – spoon animals.

A spoon from an earlier activity, tricked out as a dragonfly, set the template for a number of zoological inspirations, including a bumble bee and an alligator. The young artists held their creations up for the parents’ cameras. Everyone left with a pièce de résistance to bring home, something to go on exhibit on the mantle, something for everyone to remember the trip by.

Tom Fagin, Activities