Kayaking is Back!

May 23, 2015

Kayaking on the North ShoreGet Ready to Paddle

The sun is out and the water is calling.

Bluefin Bay’s first kayak tour of the season went out on today Caribou Lake.

The water on Lake Superior is still a little cold for most people’s liking, but as the weather warms during the next couple weeks there will be kayaks going out there too.

Meanwhile, Caribou offers an intimate venue to see the North Shore forest growing along the shoreline. Kayakers can paddle beneath the overhanging cedar trees, go up to a beaver lodge, and gaze upon the cliffs of White Sky Rock and the Sawtooth Mountains.

The various coves along the shoreline offer sheltered places to enjoy the small things in nature. There are the cattail groves, wood ducks and even painted turtles. On multiple occasions, a bald eagle has been known to frequent the boat launch where Bluefin launches the kayaks.

There will be a kayak tour available on Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.

As the waters in Lake Superior warm, the kayaks will go out there too. Here is the wonder of the North Shore writ large.

Waterfalls are flowing off the basalt cliffs, waves smash up against stony outcrops, and winter ice still lurks in secret caves and hidden nooks.

We hope you come along for the ride.


Tom Fagin, Activities