A Journey to the Fisherman’s Picnic

August 6, 2016

For non-locals, talk of the Fisherman’s Picnic might conjure up images of men sitting by the riverbank, feathered lures in their wide-brimmed hats, bobbers floating in the brook, and half-eaten sandwiches in hand. But, for the people of Grand Marais, this annual event is so much more. From August 3rd to August 7th, this cozy North Shore town will be buzzing with classic Minnesota fun, laughter, and live music.

On Wednesday, the 5-day event began with a buffet dinner and silent auction. With the opening of various rides, fishburger stands and craft shows, the momentum continued to build on Thursday. The smell of fried cheese curds and other local favorites was still wafting across Lake Superior when the night’s entertainment took the stage, with the Heck Yeah Holler String Band playing well into the evening hours.

Have we piqued your interest yet? If you happen to be staying at the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts over the weekend, you won’t want to miss the chance to splash your friend in the dunk tank, partake in the loon-calling championship on Friday, or cheer for your favorite local log-roller in the amateur championship on Saturday. What could be more Minnesotan? And, if you think with your stomach, the shrimp boil dinner and pizza eating contest should certainly be on the family’s itinerary.

And, if you still have a morsel of energy after the day is done, a walk along the harbor by dusk will make your heart sing. For more information and a detailed schedule of events, you can visit www.visitcookcounty.com. Enjoy!