Join Thistle and the Wolf Ridge Team for Competitive Giving!

February 28, 2017

wolf ridge owlDo you remember Thistle the porcupine and Hunter the owl that visited Bluefin Bay over the summer? Well, they and the rest of the staff at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center are participating in a fundraising competition called Brackets for Good!

Brackets for Good, or BFG, is is an online fundraising tournament similar to Give to the Max Day in Minnesota and Giving Tuesday nationally but also built to mirror NCAA basketball’s “March Madness.” The major difference is that this effort is weekly instead of only one day.The way the tournament works is each week two non-profits compete to see who can raise more money. Each dollar donated is a point for that organization. At the end of the week, the non-profit that raised the most money (aka earned the most points) moves on to the next round against another non-profit. Wolf Ridge is competing in the national tournament against 64 other non-profits across the United States hoping to make it to the final round and a chance to win an additional $100,000 from the tournament sponsor.

Wolf Ridge’s game plan for the donations are simple:

  • Continue providing environmental education programs for school field trips, summer camps, and off-site locations like Bluefin Bay!
  • Help grow their Organic Farm that provides many of the vegetables served in over 140,000 meals and opportunities for students to learn about sustainable food systems.
  • Maintain their 2,000+ acres of of forest, farm and garden, climbing walls, ropes courses, wetlands, lakes and streams. They also recently acquired 68 acres of land and over 1,600 feet of shoreline on Lake Superior only 15 miles down the shore from Bluefin Bay.

wolf ridge porcupine thistleSo how can you join the team? It’s easy! The first thing is to create a log-in through Brackets for Good.  Click “Log In” to create an account. Once you have an account it will take you to a personal page. In the upper right corner you should see your name. After you are logged in, find Wolf Ridge on the bracket and donate from there! For more information you can check out the BFG website or head to Wolf Ridge’s Facebook for updates and social media treats. Follow them in the tournament and support them along the way. The first round ends this Friday, March 3rd so it is time to take a shot on Wolf Ridge and get in the game!

We’ll see you on the court!

-Thistle, Hunter, and Team Wolf Ridge