Calendar Contest

Calendar Contest Rules

This is the 23rd year of publication of the Bluefin Bay Calendar and we owe a special thanks to the nearly 100 participants who entered their prize photographs in our contest. By sharing your artistry, you allow Bluefin Bay to showcase our breathtaking lake and beautiful surroundings.

Please join us in congratulating each of the 2018 Bluefin Bay Calendar Contest winners.

Dennis Rysdahl — Owner & General Manager


2018 Bluefin Bay Calendar Contest Winners

  • January

calendar contestCotton Candy Sunrise
Mike Knitter

  • February

calendar contestWinter Sunrise
Allen Utzig

  • March

calendar contestNorthern Night Sky
Tami Phillippi

  • April

calendar contestWaterfall
Jessica Sehlin

  • May

calendar contestGrand Marais Shoreline Stroll
Walt Huss

  • June

calendar contestBear
Lenny Palmer

  • July

calendar contestGRAND PRIZE – Quiet Reflection
Travis Chadwick

  • August

calendar contestBluefin Northern Lights
Josiah Weitzel

  • September

calendar contestGooseberry Falls Bridge
Terry Kochaver

  • October

calendar contestOberg Mountain’s Vibrant Color
Jessica Sehlin

  • November

calendar contestShips on Unforgiving Lake
Travis Chadwick

  • December

calendar contestCaution December Ice
Jim Hansen

  • Honorable Mentions

Winter Meandering Moose – Mike Mikulich
calendar contest







Palisade Shoreline – Tami Phillippi
calendar contest







Duck Family – Edee Conner
calendar contest







Gulls Eye View Bluefin Bay – Rick Bransford
calendar contest