Calendar Contest

Calling all guests, future guests, and photographer wanna be’s! It’s time to enter the 2020 Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts Calendar Contest, where the grand prize is $1,000 in free lodging and your photo featured on the cover of our 25th Annual Bluefin Bay Calendar!  For contest rules and more information, click here.

Contest entries are due July 31, 2019. This is our 25th year of the contest and we hope to have more entries than ever before! Good Luck!

2020 Calendar Contest Rules – Enter Now!

Please join us in congratulating each of the 2019 Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts Calendar contest winners as featured below. We owe a special thanks to ALL of the participants who entered their prize photographs in our contest this past year. By sharing your artistry, you allow Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts to showcase our breathtaking lake and beautiful surroundings.

2019 Bluefin Bay Calendar Contest Winners

  • January

Lenny Palmer - Calendar Contest 2019
Lenny Palmer

  • February

Josh Driver - Calendar Contest 2019
Josh Driver

  • March

Dave Ceschwind - Calendar Contest 2019
Dave Geschwind

  • April

April Kochevar - Calendar Contest 2019
April Kochevar

  • May

Kent Strayer - Calendar Contest 2019
Kent Strayer

  • June

Michael Knitter - Calendar Contest 2019
Michael Knitter

  • July

Ben Berndt - Calendar Contest 2019GRAND PRIZE
Ben Berndt

  • August

Chris Schlosser - Calendar Contest 2019
Chris Schlosser

  • September

- Calendar Contest 2019Tim Broda

  • October

W Huss - Calendar Contest 2019
W Huss

  • November

Bill & Nancy Williams - Calendar Contest 2019
Bill & Nancy Williams

  • December

Bob Berlute - Calendar Contest 2019
Bob Berlute

  • Honorable Mentions

Alizon Merten
Alizon Merten - Calendar Contest 2019







Tim Vogel
Tim Vogel - Calendar Contest 2019







John Finley
John Finley - Calendar Contest 2019