Guide Favorites: Bluefin’s Best Eats!

August 30, 2016

As we shuttle guests from the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts to local hot spots, your friendly neighborhood guides can’t help but notice the occasional rumble of growling stomachs eagerly awaiting the next meal. As we paddle and bike and hike our way along the edge of the wilderness, local restaurants and eateries are a familiar topic of conversation! With all that talk of food, your Bluefin guides decided to provide you with some terrific options just a short walk from your back door.

Paul: Mint cheesecake from the Coho Cafe. Perfect for a sweet afternoon and nestled next to other sweet and savory favorites like our lemon and lingonberry bars.

Helen: Wild rice pancakes from . No better fuel for a morning kayak tour than this hearty meal with a local twist. Try the wild rice omelet too!

Alex: Catch of the Day sandwich from The Grille. No matter what comes ashore, you can be sure of a fabulous dinner, especially paired with your favorite local brew.

Debbie: Club sandwich at the Coho Cafe. With its delicious, thick turkey slices, Chipotle mayo sauce (with a kick), and of course bacon. Who doesn’t like bacon?

Hannah: Wild rice and duck chowder at the Grille. Sure to be a North Shore favorite, this meal is filling and flavorful. Without a doubt, you will want to ask for the recipe!

Hungry yet? Whether you’re stepping out for lunch or in the mood for an afternoon snack, check out the Coho Cafe and the Bluefin Grille for some mouth-watering favorites. Your tastebuds will thank you!Coho Cafe Bakery