Whirlpool Baths

Relax in our whirlpool bath with heated back rest. To operate, follow these simple instructions:

  • Please be sure that all jets and intakes are covered by at least two inches of water before operation.
  • Please be sure that the air intake control (usually the scalloped wheel on the top edge of the tub) is open (so that air can enter the system) before use. The whirlpool will not work fully if the intake is closed.
  • To regulate the flow/strength on jet tubs, adjust by turning the individual jets, which increases or decreases the jet speed.
  • Depending upon the style of the whirlpool bath in your unit, the drain is opened and closed either by 1) pushing on the drain cap, 2) turning the large scalloped wheel at the head of the tub below the faucet or 3) by lifting and turning the tub stop.

The whirlpool water flow control is the switch on the wall adjacent to the tub or it is the button located on the rim of each tub.