Whirlpool Baths

Relax in our double air action whirlpool bath with heated back rest. To operate, follow these simple instructions:

  • Turn the round silver valve directly under the spout counterclockwise to close the drain and clockwise to open.
  • Be sure NOT to turn on the air action jets until you have filled the tub with water. When standing and facing the lake with the whirlpool bath in front of you, the faucet is on your right and the cold on your left.
  • Fill the tub at least to the rim. To start and stop the whirlpool, press the round button gently; the button will light up and the jets will start.
  • If you press and hold the button while the jets are working, it will control the intensity of the air jets. Release anytime for the intensity of massage you desire.
  • Once on, the system will run at maximum power and a timer will automatically run for 20 minutes. Press once again on the center control to stop the system.
  • The system has an automatic drying cycle after the massage. The turbine will start 15 minutes after the massage has finished and runs for 90 seconds to make sure the air channels are completely dry.