Heating Systems

Units 1-43

Each room contains a heating unit that is a tan metal box on the floor. These are off-peak electric storage heaters. A thermal mass in each heater is charged with heat during “off-peak” hours and this stored heat is given off as needed during the day. Heat is given off by fans blowing heat through the grills at the bottom of the heater. These fans are controlled by the thermostats on the wall of each room. Off-peak heat is controlled by the outside temperature which allow the heat boxes to store more heat on colder nights and less on warmer nights. Set thermostat to your desired temperature and if you have any issues, please call the front desk for further assistance by dialing 0. Space heaters are available for a more immediate solution to guests who are cold.

Units 44-53

These units provide an off-peak heating system through in floor heating. Off-peak storage water tanks provide heat to the floors. The heat is called for by the thermostat on the wall of each room. Hot water is then circulated through pipes in the floors and heat radiates into the room until the room is warm enough to satisfy the setting of the thermostat. These thermostats should always be set on the middle position between the moon and the sun.

Units 55-72

Units 55-72 are equipped with high-efficiency gas hot water furnaces which operate in the standard fashion with thermostats in each room. Make sure that the louvers (vents) on the baseboards are open to release heat.