Gales of November

November 14, 2016

The North Shore of Lake Superior is home to many local treasures, from the breathtaking displays of the Aurora Borealis to the bright nooks andGales of November crannies of the Superior Hiking Trail. For every local hotspot, there are 10 more brilliant locations which still lay undiscovered.

As the brisk November days begin, we invite you to enjoy yet another one of Minnesota’s unique wonders: The Gales of November! During this special time of year, you can enjoy two awesome events simultaneously, one provided by the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts and the other provided by our darling Mother Nature.

From Mother Nature? The most dramatic (and dangerous) waves of the year arrive during this month of transitioning temperatures. When the cool Canadian air masses mix with the warm air which still hovers over the Great Lakes, sustained gales from 40 to 54 MPH rage across the Lake Superior shoreline and provide a show of strength and fierce beauty which is truly awesome to behold.

Now, we couldn’t quite hope to keep up with that kind of power… But, on our end, we would like to offer you a front row seat to this unbeatable show! Between October 24th and December 24th, you can stay three nights for the price of two and experience the North Shore like you have never seen it before. Check out our Gales of November Special!

What are you waiting for? Throw your camera in the old suitcase, gas up the van, and book your next incredible stay here at Bluefin Bay!