Fresh Snow!

January 28, 2015

People in the snowWe received several inches of some fresh powder over the last couple days in the Lutsen Tofte area near Bluefin Bay.

Fresh powder lay on the spruce branches, on the trail to Leveaux Mountain.

More flakes drifted down through the trees, adding more accumulation to the snow-starved ground. Four guests on the Bluefin Bay tour to Leveaux Mountain put the first set of tracks down on the trail. Traditionally, this tour goes in snowshoes, but so far, the base hasn’t been deep enough to merit them. That may change with new weather putting more flakes on the ground.

At the top of Leveaux Mountain, the windblown flakes had clung to the needles of the cedar trees, creating a frosted winter wonderland to walk through. The falling snow dimmed the hills of the Superior National Forest, as though they were behind a gray curtain.

As the tour returned to the parking lot on the Onion River Road, skiers were already out to hit the Sugarbush Ski Trails. Fresh groomed tracks and skate lanes had taken the place of the crusty layers that were in place after last weeks’ melt and refreeze.

From skis, to hiking boots to dogsleds, any chance to get out on the snow is an opportunity worth taking.

– Tom Fagin, Bluefin Bay Activities