Dog Sledding in Tofte

January 30, 2017

Whether or not you have been following the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, everyone has dreamed about wooshing along on a dog sled, right? Well, dream no longer! Tofte is home to Stoney Creek Sled Dogs and you can hitch a ride with man’s best friend just a short drive from Bluefin Bay.

Stoney Creek Kennels is home to 42 Alaskan Huskies. They run races, give rides, and offer you the opportunity to become part of the team.

Rita, the lead musher, has been racing the dogs for over ten years. In 2001 she became the first ever woman to finish the Can Am 250 race in Maine, then, in 2007 she placed second to become the highest placing woman in the history of the race. Rita and the team run races throughout the winter, and are currently competing in the John Beargrease Marathon!

Stoney Creek Kennels offers a few different rides:

Joy Ride Take a ride behind a team of dogs enjoying the views of the Superior National Forest. (approx. 15-20 minutes)

$30 – 1st person
Additional riders:
$15 kids 12 & under (with adult) & $30 adults

Trot Around the Block – Join us for a sled dog ride through the Minnesota North Woods. (approx. 40 minutes)

$60 – 1st person
Additional riders: $30 kids 12 & under (with adult) & $60 adults

The Cruise –Sit back and enjoy an hour of beautiful north woods scenery as you slide along behind a team of sleek Alaskan Huskys.

$90 – 1st person
Additional riders: $45 kids 12 & under (with adult) & $90 adult

Cozy up in the sled with a friend or spouse and relax while the winter wonderland goes flying by. The huskies enjoy nothing more than pulling the sled and will be more than happy to take you for a ride!

For more information contact the Activities Department of Guest Services or call Rita directly at 218-663-0143.