Discover Sugarloaf Cove

August 6, 2018

Sugarloaf Cove Nature Area on Minnesota's North ShoreWe are really fortunate to be located just a short drive from a beautiful and very special place dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the entire North Shore of Minnesota: Sugarloaf Cove. Here you’ll find one of the most beautiful protected coves on the lake, interpretive nature trails, a nature center, and year-round programs on geology and wildlife. Sugarloaf Cove is the North Shore Stewardship Association and their mission is to “inspire the preservation and restoration of the North Shore’s unique environment through education and exemplary stewardship, especially at Sugarloaf Cove.”

Sign-up for one of our complimentary resort guided hiking trips to Sugarloaf Cove where our guides will lead you on a marked interpretive route through a Red Pine Plantation that showcases the logging history and geological history of the North Shore. This 1.5-mile round trip hike is easy and perfect for the whole family.

Or, head out on your own Sugarloaf Cove adventure. To get there it is just a short 5 – 10-minute drive from the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts properties and located just off Highway 61. Grab a trail guide from the nature center and enjoy a walk along the interpretive trail, visit the picturesque cove surrounded with 1.1 billion-year-old rocks, visit the interpretive center to talk with the staff about this incredible area, or participate in one of their nature programs. Here are a few of their other on-going weekly programs:

  • Bird Banding on Thursdays: Sugarloaf Cove is participating in bird research to learn their migratory patterns, how long they live, and where they nest. Get up close to a wild bird (and maybe even hold one!) during their bird banding sessions to see what’s happening with our Minnesota birds.
  • Stories in Stone on Sundays: The Sugarloaf beach has many different kinds of rocks and you can find out how they got there, how to spot an agate or Thompsonite, and how this area was formed on this casual walk with a Sugarloaf guide.
  • Friday and Saturday programs change weekly and include topics like Small Life in Big Lakes, The Story of Sugarloaf Cove, The world at Dusk, and Moose Stories.