Day Trip: Devil’s Kettle at Judge C.R. Magney State Park

August 21, 2017

The Devil’s Kettle at Judge C.R. Magney State Park has been the source of awe and speculation since its discovery. The Brule River splits at the kettle into two streams. Here, half of the water seems to disappear into the ground while the rest continues its path downstream as normal. Logs, ping pong balls, and more have all been throw in only to be never seen again!

While scientists have had many theories, evidence shows that the water simply moves under the kettle and reemerges with the river soon after the falls. Tests involving vegetable-based dyes will be conducted in the fall to prove the theory.

While the mystery may soon be over, the sight itself remains as one of the most beautiful in Minnesota. A 2.5 mile round trip hike brings you to a breathtaking overlook of the falls. But that is not the end of the journey! Little more than 200 steps will take you down to the actual “kettle”. While the stairs may sound daunting, the views are definitely worth the trip. (Besides, there are benches along the way for you to catch your breath.)

Less than an hour drive and one left turn away from Bluefin, Devil’s Kettle is a must see during your stay on the North Shore!