Cross Country Ski From Your Bluefin Bay Doorstep

February 13, 2015

Great cross-country skiing just got a little closer to Bluefin.

The Tofte Trail just opened up just across the street from the resort, creating easy access to the Sugarbush Ski Trails.

New snow at the lower elevations, means that you don’t have to drive up into the hills to start your ski adventure. After you check out your equipment from the activities room, you can walk across the street and up the Tofte Homestead Road near Sawtooth Outfitters. Go up the hill to find the groomed trail on the left, about 100 yard up the road.

The trail is 1.9 miles (3 kilometers) and most of it is uphill.

In other words, if you are a first-time skier, you still might want to drive to the beginner trails off the Onion River Road to get started — or similar easy trails accessible from the Britton Peak trailhead. For an intermediate skier, however, the aerobic workout of powering up the slope beneath the cliffs of Carlton Peak, is a rewarding exercise.

It’s even more exhilarating to finish off a day of skiing Sugarbush, flying down the winding mountain path (again, something for an intermediate skier.)

The ski down makes it possible for guests to grab a shuttle ride to the Britton Peak trails and then ski downhill the rest of the way home.

Several inches of fresh powder this week have made excellent skiing excellent up on the trails and have opened up most trails for snowshoeing.

Feel free to ask the front desk or the Activities staff to find the best adventure for you.

– Tom Fagin, Activites