Calling all hiking enthusiasts and waterfall lovers – conditions are perfect!

April 28, 2015

Hiking on the North ShoreThe Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts is lucky to have the Superior Hiking Trail and so many great state parks and rivers in its back yard! If I could hike these trails, parks and mountains every day, I would. One of my all-time favorite spring hikes is along Temperance River State Park.

On Sunday, I hiked Temperance River from the roadside trail all the way to Carlton Peak. This is a Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts guest favorite, and it’s literally right in our backyard.

The river is gushing in all its glory right now and there were lots of hikers out. I love the sound of the water pounding through the gorge and the spray almost hits your face.

The weather was in the nearly 60 and sunny on Sunday — and it’s been drier and colder at night so the trail is not so muddy. I did the entire hike in treaded tennis shoes. The only tricky part was the upper trail on the way to Carlton Peak, where it got a bit muddy in the low lying areas as you departed from the river. For those sections, hiking boots would be best.

Here are some photos and video shot on my all-time favorite spring hike along the North Shore’s Superior Hiking Trail. This week as warms even more conditions should be even better.

Bluefin Bay Resorts offers guests guided hikes daily, check out our schedule here. Or, venture off on your own like I did and go as far as you’d like. It’s good for the soul. Not to mention those leg muscles.

By Lori Schaefer, Marketing Director