Bluefin Bay Owners Weekend

April 30, 2016

Welcoming our Bluefin Bay owners each spring…

Lakewalk at Bluefin Bay ResortMost of our guests know that Bluefin Bay condos and townhomes are privately owned, and that Bluefin Bay on Lake Superior is operated as a resort by a management association in partnership with the individual owners. Each spring, Bluefin Bay owners gather for their annual meeting and this weekend we welcomed nearly 100 owners.

It’s a weekend of meetings and business, of course, but also provides ample social time for owners to get to know each other and to tour some of the recently remodeled condos and townhomes at a resort hosted wine and cheese crawl.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our Bluefin Bay individual condo and townhome owners for helping keep Bluefin Bay on Lake Superior, MN’s most romantic and favorite North Shore resort.

When you stay with us at Bluefin Bay, we’d like you to know that you are staying in the vacation home of one of our Bluefin Bay owners who are graciously sharing their lakeside retreat with you. Sign in the guest book, located in most of our Bluefin Bay townhomes, and share your vacation memories with your unit’s owner. Owners tell us it is one of their favorite things to read the comments and share the vacation experiences of their guests throughout the year.

We’re gearing up for an exciting and beautiful summer at Bluefin Bay resorts, our 32nd! We hope when you join us, you will take note of the beautiful area and the idea that our Bluefin owners are sharing their vacation home with you. As a resort, we are working hard to provide great vacation experiences with beautiful surroundings and warm and friendly North Shore hospitality. We hope to see you this summer.