April Activities and Events!

April 3, 2017

I bet you’re wondering the same thing most Minnesotan’s are, what ever shall we do during this post-winter, pre-summer time? Well, we’re here to answer that question for you! 

If you’re an alpine skiier, there’s still time at Lutsen Mountains. The ski hill plans to remain operating daily until April 9th and for the weekend of the 15th and the 22nd. All runs are open and have snow, but watch out for ice patches. The snow is firm in the morning and once the sun warms up it become softer, so if you like skiing hard snow or soft, you’re in luck!

To celebrate the closing of the season, Lutsen Mountains is hosting Mountain Meltdown April 7th-9th! Mountian Meltdown is a music festival featuring ten bands playing both indoors at Papa Charlies and outdoors on a festival stage. So, after your ski, stop by and catch some tunes!

Cross country skiing is nearly over, the trails have not been groomed in two weeks and are very mushy. Here at Bluefin, we have put our cross country skis, snow shoes, and ice skates in storage.

Nonetheless, our bicycles are out and ready to go! The Gitchi Gami trail is open and ready for riders, walkers, and runners. Tennis courts will be going up shortly as well. In just a few short months (June 1), we will be starting our kayak and canoe tours as well!

As always, the Superior hiking trail is calling your name! Hiking is always our #1 activitiy, the routes can be a little muddy in spots, but the views are as good as ever. Plus, the waterfalls are raging from all of the recent snowmelt and rain we have had.  And don’t forget to keep an eye out for runoff waterfalls that are popping up along route 61! They’re our extra-credit beauty here on the North Shore.

Get out there and enjoy the Springtime! We’ll see you soon!